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"Kirche schaut hin" is an initiative of the Catholic Church in the Canton of Zurich that enables anonymous and low-threshold reporting of misconduct in the church. In this way, misconduct can be uncovered at an early stage and hopefully prevented in the future. Our reporting system makes it possible to provide information about possible incidents or suspected cases of misconduct anonymously and safely, without having to fear negative consequences. In the Catholic Church in the Canton of Zurich, "Kirche schaut hin" is intended to help create an atmosphere of careful interaction and a safe environment for volunteers, employees, wards and pupils.
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In the first instance, your report will be confidentially reviewed and processed by an independent external lawyer. The report will only be passed on to the respective parish, concerned church office or another office for further processing, if the person making the report gives his/her consent.
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Will my report be handled anonymously? What kind of incidents can I report through the reporting system? What happens after I submit my report? You can find answers to these and other questions in our frequently asked questions (FAQs).
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Dealing with sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Switzerland.
Dealing with sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Switzerland.
The Swiss Bishops’ Conference (SBK), the Roman Catholic Central Conference of Switzerland (RKZ) and the Conference of the Association of Religious Orders and Other Consecrated Life Communities (KOVOS) have commissioned the University of Zurich (UZH) to research the history of sexual abuse in the context of the Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland since the mid-20th century.
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The Zurich victim counseling center Castagna
CASTAGNA is a counseling center recognized by the Canton of Zurich under the Victim Assistance Act (OHG) and specializes in sexual exploitation in childhood and adolescence.
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Other church and non-church contact points
Other church and non-church contact points for victims of abuse
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